FCSSGA Regions

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Region 1 Colleges

Chipola College
Florida Gateway College
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Gulf Coast State College
North Florida Community College
Northwest Florida State College
Pensacola State College
Santa Fe College
Tallahassee Community College

Region 2 Colleges

College of Central Florida
Hillsborough Community College
Pasco-Hernando State College
Polk State College
State College of Florida
St. Petersburg College



Region 3 Colleges

Daytona State College
Eastern Florida State College
Indian River State College
Lake-Sumter State College
St. John's River State College
Seminole State College
South Florida State College
Valencia College

Region 4 Colleges

Broward College
Florida Keys Community College
Florida SouthWestern State College
Miami Dade College
Palm Beach State College



Each year, all four regions host their own individual meetings and activities in addition to meeting during the FCSSGA State-wide events. These regions are served in compliance with the Region Bylaws.

The Region may have seven officers: six elected and one appointed. The elected officers shall be the Region Coordinator, Assistant Region Coordinator, Secretary, Legislative Liaison, Jurisprudence, and Alternate Jurisprudence. The appointed officer shall be the Community Service Chair.  Appointed officers may be appointed by the Region Coordinator and shall have no vote. The Chairperson shall be able to cast a vote in the event of a tie or when a vote would affect the result. 

  • The duties of the Assistant Region Coordinator shall be: to assist the Coordinator in the transaction of Regional business; fulfill any vacancy in the office of Region Coordinator.
  • The duties of the Secretary shall be: to record the proceedings of all meetings and send a record of said meetings within a two-week period, to all member colleges, advisors; be responsible for preparing and updating within one month of each fall and spring term a directory of all member colleges to include their SGA officers and advisors. This complete directory shall be forwarded to the FCSSGA Vice President for state-wide publication.
  • The duties of the Legislative Liaison shall be: to coordinate a Region-wide effort to inform our elected officials of the needs and concerns of students of the Florida College System; work with the Director of Legislative Affairs to prepare a state-wide report, which will inform all the regions of this progress and promote the unification of FCSSGA's efforts.
  • The duties of the Community Service Chair shall be: to maintain open lines of communications with the Region Coordinator in order to organize and support for the Region’s Community Service Project(s) and inform the State of the Region’s Community Service activities; to maintain open lines of communications with the Student Government Community Service position, or appropriate representatives, at the Member Colleges within the Region; to keep records of all community service projects within the Region; to give suggestions for community service projects to the colleges within the Region; to be responsible for coordinating organizing and running a region-wide community service project every semester.
  • The duties of the Jurisprudence/Alternate Jurisprudence shall be: to interpret and be well versed of the FCSSGA constitution, Bylaws and Regional Bylaws; to act as the Sergeant of Arms who maintains order at all meetings of the region; to be in charge of certification of votes cast at any region meeting or caucus; to act as Parliamentarian who shall advise the Region Coordinator of proper Parliamentary Procedure as stated by Robert's Rules of Order (Newest Edition); to assist the Coordinator in the preservation of order; to prepare an information sheet concerning Parliamentary Procedure for those attending.

The duties of the Region Executive Board shall be: to meet when called by the Coordinator to consider matters of emergency or when it is not feasible to hold a Region meeting, to preside over all trials of impeachment, to approve all appointments made by the Region Coordinator, to advise the Coordinator on matters of policy involving the Region. The Region Executive Board shall have the right to remove any Region Officer without the benefit of impeachment for missing at least two consecutive Region events, unexcused. This removal from office requires two- thirds (2/3) vote of the Region Executive Board members present, providing a quorum is present, excluding the officer in question. 

In addition, all members of the Regional Executive Board must contact all members of the board once per 21 calendar days, via fax, phone, email or other means (outside of regularly scheduled conference calls).

State Appointed Positions Application (pdf)
Region Appointed Positions Application (pdf)