FCSSGA Advisors' Association

The FCSSGA Advisors' Association was formed with the idea that we might bring student government advisors into an organization whose aims are to: 

  • Provide a common ground for discussion of a matter of mutual interest,
  • Obtain the best thinking on problems in the field of student government and student activities,
  • Provide responsible guidance to student government members in order to ensure growth as future leaders in a free society.

FCSSGA Advisors Training (F.A.T.) Program

The FAT Program is a research-based, rigorous training program for Florida State College Student Government Advisors.  

The Basic FAT curriculum was established in 2007, and consists of eight educational sessions whose topics were determined from the results from 2003’s National Study of Student Government Advisors Responsibilities, with emphasis placed on the results from Florida’s community colleges.  Completion of FAT Curriculum requires attendance at eight core courses, along with the experiential component of presenting a FLT session for student at one of the FCSSGA Conferences.  

The Advanced FAT (AFAT) curriculum was developed in 2009 based on feedback from FAT participants and from a review of Student Affairs literature.  With eleven topics, plus attendance and presentation requirements. Advisors must attend the six core courses and three of the six electives, plus present a FAT or AFAT session, and attend each of FCSSGA’s five annual events.

The links here provide additional information on the FAT and AFAT Curriculum, along with reports showing current progress of those advisors towards FAT and AFAT completion.  

For questions or more information, please email the FAT & AFAT Coordinator, Doug Bagby at doug.bagby@sfcollege.edu
Advanced F.A.T. Curriculum


 F.A.T. Attendance Records
A.F.A.T Attendance Records

Congratulations to all our F.A.T. and A.F.A.T. Participants!